Planning for growth

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Work on the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas – which will host a combined population greater than that of Ballarat – is a key priority of the Council Plan for 2019–20.

A focus is the creation of Precinct Structure Plans (PSP) for the areas around Elcho Road East (Northern) and Creamery Road (Western).

They are the first of nine PSPs that will be developed in a planned, orderly sequence for the two growth areas. The work paves the way for the urban development of the new neighbourhoods, which will be home to more than 110,000 new Geelong residents.

The overall project aims to deliver great places to live and meet the city’s clever and creative aspirations, while addressing Geelong’s long-term population growth needs.

There is a strong commitment to enhance the natural environment, create vibrant and walkable neighbourhoods, provide easy access and movement and to grow the local economy.

The plan includes 19 primary schools, five secondary schools, major road and rail upgrades and the transformation of the Batesford quarry into a freshwater lake. A planning scheme amendment, which is required to facilitate the PSPs, is expected to be exhibited in July.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 12 June 2019