City partners with EPA to clean up Broderick Road recycling site

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The City of Greater Geelong today welcomed the news that EPA Victoria would be stepping in to manage the clean-up of the Broderick Road recycling site in Lara.

City of Greater Geelong will work with the EPA and play a key support role by project managing the clean-up process.

While planning for the clean-up continues, fire prevention measures will continue on site, including 24-hour security, regular temperature testing and earth-moving equipment to be stationed on site.

The clean-up process is anticipated to take several years as the site contains an estimated 320,000m3 of mostly construction and demolition waste, including materials such as timber, concrete, bricks, plaster, glass and ceramics.

City of Greater Geelong Mayor Bruce Harwood:
We welcome this announcement by EPA Victoria and look forward to working together to get the job done.

The council has been leading the fight and working tirelessly to deliver a fully rehabilitated site that no longer poses a risk to our community.

We’ll also continue to pursue legal action against the former site operator David McAuliffe, to ensure he is held responsible for his actions.

Windermere Ward Councillor Anthony Aitken:
This statutory intervention by the EPA is welcomed by the council and will be welcomed by the community. 

I thank the state government and the EPA for taking this decisive action to bring certainty about the clean-up of this hazardous site, which was dumped on the community in the north.

I'm confident the EPA and council will continue to work cooperatively together in the best interests of the community, and encourage the EPA to continue legal action to recover costs associated with the intervention decision. It's a victory for the community and the environment. 

Windermere Ward Councillor Kylie Grzybek:
Today’s announcement is good news for our community.

The patience of our community has been tested, and it is with a sense of relief that we welcome EPA intervention.

As project managers, the City of Greater Geelong will continue to make sure that community health and safety remains our number one priority during every step of the rehabilitation.

City of Greater Geelong CEO Martin Cutter:
It’s excellent news for the whole community to know that the EPA will now take control of the clean-up.

We are committed to working alongside EPA in this process by providing project management and ensuring fire prevention measures are maintained.

Together with EPA, we will keep the community well-informed about progress on site, and ensure public health and safety is maintained at all times.


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