Renewable energy program extended

Thursday, 21 March 2019

A new 30 kilowatts rooftop solar system is being installed at the Waurn Ponds Library in March.

Another 30 kilowatts system will be placed on the Grovedale Community Hub in April.

The projects are part of our Zero Carbon Buildings Program, which will soon have eight operational solar systems in effect.

When completed by June, the combined projects will:

  • total 508 kilowatts of installed solar, made up of 1877 solar panels
  • generate 66,198 kilowatts per hour of energy per year and
  • save 753 tonnes of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere annually.

The Zero Carbon Buildings Program focuses on improving the environmental performance of our buildings through renewable energy generation and energy efficiency improvements.

The solar installations also provide economic value, with the cost of the individual systems typically covered within 5-6 years.

The program is part of our actions to achieve the Zero Carbon Emission Strategy, which aims to reduce energy costs and cut corporate emissions by 50 per cent by 2020.

When the Council adopted the strategy in April 2017, we had just seven individual solar systems installed.

The overall number of systems in operation will have tripled to 21 by the end of 2019.

Combined, this would generate enough energy to power 192 households and save more than 1260 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.

Other work – such as lighting upgrades, automated building control systems and upgraded heating and cooling measures – is progressively rolling out to help meet the 50 per cent target.

The benefits are being seen at sites such as Leisurelink, which isour highest energy-consuming building.

Through several measures, carbon emissions at the premier Swim Sport and Leisure centre fell by 18.6 per cent over the two years to 2017-2018.

The reductions were achieved through a 99 kilowatt solar system, which was installed in December 2017, the introduction of LED lighting and new heating and cooling controls.

An extra 140 LED lights will be added to Leisurelink by June, taking the total number to 455.

For more information, visit our Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy page.

Guy Wilson-Browne - Director City Services

The City is committed to making our building stock more energy efficient and more cost effective.

Cutting our energy consumption brings the dual benefit of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and lowering our power bills.

As a certified One Planet Living Council since 2015, we are committed to clean energy solutions and innovative approaches to tackling climate change.

We want to reduce the City’s own ecological and carbon footprint, while helping the community to do the same.

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