Broderick Road recycling site update

Monday, 18 March 2019

The City of Greater Geelong and EPA Victoria have been informed that TASCO, the company that owns the Broderick Road recycling site, has been placed into liquidation and that Partners of PwC Australia have been appointed liquidators.

The previous operator, C&D Recycling, abandoned the site.

The City prosecuted C&D Recycling’s director, David McAuliffe in the Magistrates’ Court in late 2018 and he was sentenced to 90 days’ imprisonment on 1 February 2019. Mr McAuliffe is currently awaiting the hearing of an appeal of his 90-day term of imprisonment.

Fire prevention measures continue on the site.

Measures that have been undertaken to date include:

  • Installation of two 500,000 litre water tanks installed on site
  • A mulch stockpile at the rear of the site has been spread into windrows. Hydrant lines are now complete along the west and south boundaries of the site, with fire hoses connected and hydrants fully functional.
  • The site has been secured with permanent perimeter fencing.
  • Mulch piles that were measuring high temperatures have been relocated to the northern part of site and stockpiled to meet the Waste Management Policy.
  • The entire site is surrounded by an earthen bund to secure fire water (if required).

Measures that agencies will continue to monitor:

  • Security personnel remain on site 24/7
  • Ongoing testing of stockpile temperatures continues, ensuring that the compost piles will not overheat and combust.
  • Mobile firefighting and earthmoving equipment remains on site at all times

The Broderick Road recycling site has no bearing on the current recycling issues being addressed nation-wide. Household recycling is no longer being diverted to landfill and will be processed by our recycling contractor as per usual.

The following comments can be attributed to City of Greater Geelong CEO Martin Cutter:

Rehabilitation and future plans for the site will be discussed as a priority between all agencies involved and the liquidator for TASCO.

Together with EPA Victoria and other agencies, we are committed to seeking to hold TASCO and its associated entities to account for the clean–up and remediation of the Broderick Road site.

Community health and safety remains the number one priority. All agencies will continue to work together to ensure effective fire prevention and response in the short term, and oversee the clean-up of this site in the longer term.

The following comments can be attributed to EPA Victoria Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cathy Wilkinson:

Poor site management practices by the previous operator C&D Recycling have resulted in an unacceptable risk to the local community, the environment and emergency services if there was a fire at the site.

EPA together with City of Greater Geelong and other agencies is committed to seeking to hold TASCO and its associated entities to account for the ongoing implementation of site security, fire prevention measures and monitoring at the site as well as clean-up and remediation.

This is a reminder to all landlords that they need to be aware of what’s occurring on their sites. If tenants abandon waste on a property, landlords may ultimately become responsible for the clean-up.

The following quote is attributable to CFA Deputy Chief Officer (acting) Rohan Luke:

CFA is working with key stakeholders to provide for the ongoing safety of the Broderick Rd site.

The preliminary fire management plan for the site remains in place, with improved road access for firefighters, firefighting water supplies and hydrants provided on site also.

Our priority in regards to this site is to protect lives and property, and to provide timely incident information and warnings for community members to act on to protect themselves and their land.

The priority for agencies and City of Geelong do all that’s possible to reduce the likelihood of fire and limit the impact to the community.

Page last updated: Monday, 18 March 2019