Broderick Road recycling site clean-up

Thursday, 31 January 2019

More than 6,500 cubic metres of rubble and compost has been moved at the Broderick Road recycling site in Lara, as clean up works continue.

A mulch stockpile at the rear of the site has been spread into windrows.

Timber stockpiles are continuing to shrink, with approximately 2,600 cubic metres of woodchips produced and ready for delivery.

Fire prevention works are also nearing completion, with a concrete pad constructed and ready for two 500,000 litre water tanks to be installed and commissioned in early February.

Hydrant lines are now complete along the west and south boundaries of the site, with fire hoses connected and hydrants fully functional.

Ongoing testing of stockpile temperatures continues, ensuring that the compost piles will not overheat and combust.

The fire prevention and rehabilitation works are being undertaken by site owners, TASCO.

Previous business operator at the site, David McAuliffe, is scheduled to appear in court on 1 February for sentencing after he pleaded guilty to breaching VCAT orders.

The following statements can be attributed to Director Planning and Development Gareth Smith:

It’s great to see these works progressing on site, the Lara community should be feeling a sense of relief to see works happening on site and the stockpiles becoming more ordered.

We are continuing to work with TASCO to ensure compliance with the VCAT orders for rehabilitation and fire prevention works.

The following statements can be attributed to Rohan Luke, CFA Assistant Chief Officer South West:

The work that is being completed by Tasco is vital in limiting the potential impact of fire on the Lara community.

I’m pleased to see that all of the organisations have been working together with Tasco to reduce the risk.

Page last updated: Thursday, 31 January 2019