Broderick Road recycling site - works update

Friday, 21 December 2018 3:23 PM


Fire prevention activities have been progressing well at the Broderick Road recycling site over the past two weeks, with the following works happening on site:

  • Hydrant lines are now complete along the west and south boundaries. Testing and flushing is now underway and we expect the hydrants to be fully functional, with a fire hose connected, before Christmas.
  • Form work has been undertaken for a water tank concrete base. This was slightly delayed after additional excavation was required to address soil structure issues. Water tanks are expected to be operational by the end of January 2019.
  • Small tyres have been removed and delivered to tyre recyclers, with the remaining tyres on site to be taken off their rims and disposed of this week.
  • Security staff, an excavator and water truck with a water canon remains on site 24 hours.
  • Temperature monitoring of the ‘hot’ compost at the rear of site is continuing


WorkSafe has granted a temporary exemption to two OHS asbestos regulations at the C&D Recycling site at Lara. The exemptions to regulations 220 and 221 allow TASCO to shift asbestos containing material from the top of a recycling stockpile and store it elsewhere on the Broderick Rd site, subject to strict conditions.

The exemption will expire on March 15, by which time TASCO must have disposed of the shifted asbestos containing materials in accordance with OHS and environmental regulations.

In considering whether to grant the exemptions, WorkSafe determined that the level of health and safety at the site would be at least equivalent to the level that would be achieved if the regulations were observed.


A timber chipper has been delivered to the site and a trial has commenced for mulching the timber stockpile.
Two landscaping contractors are interested in utilising the mulch if it could be delivered to their work sites.

CoGG, Emergency Services Victoria, CFA, EPA and Worksafe have all visited the site in recent weeks to inspect the progress on the site. EPA have also undertaken water sampling and drone aerial imagery.

TASCO continue to update their immediate neighbours.

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Page last updated: Monday, 24 December 2018