An evolving city calls for a rethink on car parking

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

That is one of the key messages in a discussion paper the City of Greater Geelong has developed to explore the present and future parking needs in central Geelong.

The City recently completed an extensive study of current availability and car parking demands which shows that almost nine out of ten commuters to central Geelong travel by car.

The City is now calling on the community – residents, commuters, traders, shoppers, business owners and visitors – to have input into transport and parking options to support our rapidly growing population and a  potential future of driverless vehicles and more active transport.

An intensive 100-day community engagement from 20 December 2018 until 29 March will gather feedback to be used in developing a car parking strategy for central Geelong. This engagement period has been chosen to capture holiday visitors to our region, many of whom come to Geelong to shop, and extending well into the new year to ensure our resident community can participate.

Quotes attributable to Geelong Mayor Bruce Harwood:

Parking demands in central Geelong are substantial, with so many small and large businesses, retail and hospitality outlets, hospitals, educational facilities and recreational areas. At the moment, almost 90 per cent of people who commute to central Geelong each day do so by car.

Clearly, we need to find solutions, and this discussion paper is all about helping us do that. We hope this process encourages the community to think about how they’d like central Geelong to look and function in the future, and how parking and transport should fit in with that vision. We want to hear as many ideas and thoughts as possible – they’ll all be considered as we settle on a parking strategy. 

Our aim is to make sure central Geelong is a place that everyone can access for work, shopping, and general enjoyment. The feedback we receive during the next 100 days will give us a good indication as to how the community believes that should happen.

Quotes attributed to Cr Eddy Kontelj, Chair, Transportation and Connections portfolio:

This is the community’s opportunity to get engaged and to shape what Geelong might look like in the future, particularly the CBD. It includes but is not limited to parking.

The consultation period will run for 100 days, which will give our community enough time to read and respond to the discussion paper either during the festive season or afterwards.

I’m heading into this with an open mind, and I’ll be guided by the community on this issue. No decisions have been made, and I strongly encourage everyone to put forward their thoughts and ideas.

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