Clean-up underway at Broderick Road recycling site

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Vital fire prevention and clean-up activities are underway at the Broderick Road recycling site in Lara.

Site owners The Australian Sawmilling Company (TASCO) have provided an update to the City detailing the works currently underway onsite.

The activities form part of the fire prevention and rehabilitation plans required under an enforcement order issued by VCAT.

The enforcement order was originally issued to the business operating on site, C&D Recycling, but the requirements have since been taken over fully by TASCO in the wake of C&D Recycling being declared insolvent.

TASCO has confirmed with the City that 24-hour security is now on site. The security personnel have basic fire training and will monitor the heat of composting stockpiles.

Equipment including fire extinguishers, an excavator and water truck with a water cannon is on site at all times.

A fire access road has been constructed to the north of the site, which will assist the CFA to reach the site quickly in the event of a fire. Construction of a water pipe and concrete pad for a water tank is underway to ensure the CFA has access to high pressure water once on site.

Clean up activities have also commenced, with tyres from around waste stockpiles relocated to a collection point to the north of the site, ready to be removed.

Mulching of the timber stockpile will begin shortly, with a contractor now engaged and preparing to start work on site.

The following comments can be attributed to the City’s Director Planning and Development Gareth Smith:

It is pleasing to see action on site at Broderick Road.

These works, part of the rehabilitation and fire prevention plans required by the City, will go a long way to reduce the risk of a fire burning out of control at the site.

The works are also an important step towards the clean-up of the site.

The community can feel reassured that measures are in place to protect the site and surrounding areas from fire, and action is being taken to clean the site up.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 27 November 2018