Paper, glass and plastic still going to landfill

Monday, 26 November 2018 11:41 AM

Recent bin audits revealed that 14% of what we’re putting in our kerbside rubbish bins can actually be recycled.

Kerbside bin audits have revealed some of the most commonly used household items that can be recycled through the yellow lid bin are instead being sent to landfill in our rubbish bins.

Newspapers and magazines, glass bottles and jars, plastic food containers, cardboard and aluminium cans are some of the recyclables we found in rubbish bins during audits completed in June.

While one or two recyclable items in your waste bin doesn’t seem much, it doesn’t take long for this to become a substantial amount across the 112,500 rubbish bins collected across the municipality every week.

When you recycle, you not only give material a chance to become something new, you divert it from landfill too.

Recycling also saves energy because the manufacturer doesn’t have to produce something new from natural resources.

Last year, residents’ efforts in using the kerbside recycling bin saved 27,273 tonnes of recyclable items from going to landfill. So let’s work together to divert even more recyclables from landfill by using our rubbish bin only for items that cannot be recycled or composted.

What can go in my rubbish bin?

Your rubbish bin has a red lid and is emptied weekly. The following items are accepted in your rubbish bin:

  • General household rubbish
  • Nappies (empty and wrapped)
  • Broken ceramics, crockery and pyrex
  • Meat and bones
  • Food scraps
  • Glass from windows and mirrors (wrapped)
  • Light globes (wrapped)

Remember, you can drop off your plastic bags and some other soft plastics at selected supermarkets for recycling through the REDcycle program.

Visit REDcycle for a full list of acceptable plastics.

What can’t go in my rubbish bin?

These are some of the items that should not be placed in your kerbside bin:

View our recycling guide for local disposal options for other household waste that cannot go in your kerbside rubbish bin.

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Page last updated: Monday, 7 January 2019