Council adopts Settlement Strategy

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Council has agreed to adopt the Greater Geelong Settlement Strategy.

This follows a second round of community consultation, which received 73 submissions, resulting in a number of changes to the strategy.

The Greater Geelong Settlement Strategy sets out how the municipality can meet the amount of housing required until 2036, based on a high population growth scenario of three per cent.

It directs where growth and development can occur, and has an emphasis on sustainable urban growth.

A key direction of the strategy is the plan for the new Northern and Western Growth Areas to eventually accommodate more than 100,000 new Geelong residents.

Another focus is to protect what the community values most about living in Geelong, including the natural environment and green spaces. Additionally, it directs that the Bellarine Peninsula’s contributions to housing supply will decline over time.

Council will now request the Minister for Planning to authorise the preparation of a planning scheme amendment to implement the recommendations of the strategy.

Mayor Bruce Harwood:

Adopting the Greater Geelong Settlement Strategy ensures we are responsibly catering for the inevitable growth of our region in a way that aligns with our clever and creative vision to support population growth and protect our natural environment.

There will be further opportunities for the community to have their say and we want to hear from anyone with questions or concerns.

Cr Stephanie Asher, Chair, Planning portfolio:

This strategy is a fantastic example of the City listening to the community and responding in a clever, creative and balanced manner to the growth of our region.

The use of terminology like ‘district towns’ instead of ‘growth hubs’ is just one example of how the City has responded to the community’s feedback.

Page last updated: Thursday, 11 October 2018