New plan for Breamlea Holiday Park

Thursday, 11 October 2018

A new Breamlea Holiday Park Master Plan proposes substantial improvements to the popular site over the next four years.

The plan, endorsed by Council during Tuesday night’s meeting in Leopold, aims to increase the park’s revenue, while maintaining the values of the site and the foreshore.

This will be done through proposed improvements to safety, management and facilities between now and 2022, including:

  • Construction of 10 new cabins;
  • Upgrades to underground services, enabling metering of utilities;
  • An upgrade of the amenity block;
  • Site reconfiguration; and
  • Introduction of an online booking system.

While these upgrades will be funded partially via park income, some will be reliant on allocation of extra funding in future Council budgets.

The master plan also seeks to increase the park’s financial sustainability by adjusting the mix of accommodation.

This means offering an extra 23 sites as 12-month permit sites and creating an area for large motor homes, along with the planned 10 extra cabins.

In recent years the City has constructed three ecofriendly villas, upgraded the amenity blocks, BBQ areas, general store frontage and outdoor lighting, and installed an all abilities toilet and new fencing.

The master plan has been developed with input from stakeholders and the community, including 12-month and seasonal site holders at the park.

It has been approved by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, who are the landowners.

Mayor Bruce Harwood:

The Breamlea Holiday Park is a unique spot and a central point in the small Breamlea community.

Its appeal is its quiet setting amongst the beautiful natural environment, and we believe this master plan will ensure those values are retained. At the same time it will modernise the park and open it to a wider range of holiday-makers.


Page last updated: Thursday, 11 October 2018