Identifying central Geelong's future needs

Wednesday, 11 July 2018 2:24 PM

Last night Council endorsed the Central Geelong Community Infrastructure Final Report, noting that any items to be funded by Council will be considered as part of the Social Infrastructure Plan.

The City and state government would like to see at least 10,000 people living in central Geelong by 2028, as part of commitments to revitalise Geelong’s CBD.

In order to support such a population increase, appropriate infrastructure needs to be planned for now.

The report identifies the need for a primary school, early years facility, youth facilities and spaces, community health centre, supported accommodation, large multipurpose community space, community office space, community meeting space and creative spaces.

The importance of planning for infrastructure that caters to families who want to live centrally for convenience and central amenities was also noted.

Other strategic priorities when delivering community infrastructure for central Geelong are to facilitate innovative and diverse arts and cultural development, support smart cities infrastructure, develop creative spaces, facilitate social inclusion and supported accommodation and re-use existing spaces where possible.

The state government will be the lead agency for a primary school and community health centre, advocated for by the Revitalising Central Geelong Partnership Team and the Geelong Authority.

The City and other non-profit organisations will lead all other infrastructure identified in the report.

Any items to be funded by Council will be considered as part of its Social Infrastructure Plan, due for community engagement later in the year.

The Central Geelong Community Infrastructure Final Report will inform the review of the Social Infrastructure Plan, which once adopted by Council, will set the strategic direction and guide Council decision making, prioritising and investing in future social infrastructure.

Acting Mayor Peter Murrihy, Co-Chair, Social and Infrastructure Planning portfolio:

It’s important that we start planning for the required infrastructure in central Geelong as we move towards more people living and working in the CBD.

Having a range of quality community infrastructure will attract and retain a diverse population and suit different ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.

Cr Anthony Aitken, Co-Chair, Social and Infrastructure Planning portfolio:

This report aligns with our Council Plan aim to achieve social equity in infrastructure and services we deliver for the community.

By addressing barriers such as inaccessible facilities and spaces, we will achieve social inclusion in central Geelong as its population grows.

Having more people living in central Geelong will also improve safety and increase the vibrancy of the area.


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Page last updated: Wednesday, 11 July 2018