Belmont Market improvements, modifications and efficiencies in 2018-19

Friday, 29 June 2018 10:00 AM

As the Belmont Market heads into the 2018/19 financial year we are pleased to announce some key improvements and modifications to the market  as well as some operational efficiencies that will be introduced in the 2018-19 financial year, with most all taking effect from Sunday July 1 2018.

These areas have been identified by the management team and staff responsible for the Belmont Market as well as the City of Greater Geelong as key areas for the growth, success and overall safety of the market’s operations. Below outlines some of the key items or areas of our market operations that will be undergoing change from Sunday 1st July 2018.

Cashless operations for the market - stallholder payments

From  1st of July, 2018 the Belmont Market will move to a 'cashless' operation in regards to how it collects and processes stallholder fees for their site(s). This change is required to not only improve the health, safety and security of our staff onsite, but also to ensure that policies, procedures and corporate compliance is met in regards to how we process payments, issue receipts, and track attendance and non-attendance of stallholders on market days.

Below is a summary on how these changes will effect stallholders…

Permanent vendors:

  • There will be two methods of stall payment: either EFTPOS upon arrival on market days, or cash payments will still be available but must be made at the reception desk / management office (located inside opposite the toilets) between the times of 7:30am and 12noon on market days.
  • Will be able to secure trestle tables and/or clothing racks via the permanent vendor form, with payments to be made when processing payment for site fees.
  • Permanent vendors who do not wish to pre-book trestle tables and/or clothes racks will still be able to hire items on the day but will be subject to availability and will also need to pay for these items as per the same methods as ‘on-the-day casuals’ below.

On-the-day casual stallholders (no booking):

  • Will have to pay EFTPOS on arrival at the market. (no cash option)
  • Will have to pay EFTPOS for table and clothing rack hire. (no cash option)

Online casual stallholders:

  • Will continue to book and pay online for their stall(s).
  • Will have to pay EFTPOS for trestle table and/or clothing rack hire on market days at the designated location within the market site. (no cash payment option will be available).
  • There will be an option to book and pay for tables and clothing racks in the online booking system – details below

2018-19 stallholder fees - GST Inclusive

As of 1 July 2018 the following stallholder pricing structure will apply throughout the 2018-19 financial year:


Online casual

On-the-day casual 

Permanent vendor

   (Book & Pay Online)  (EFTPOS on the day only- No Cash accepted)  (EFTPOS on the Day or Via Monthly Invoice)
 Outdoor Stall:  $19.00 per site $24.00 per site  $19.00 per site
 Indoor Stall:  $20.00 per site $31.00 per site  $20.00 per site
 Trestle Table hire:    $5.00 per item  $5.00 per item
 Clothes Rack hire:    $5.00 per item  $5.00 per item

Booking and paying online for your site will save money and guarantee a position on market days.

This fee structure is aimed firstly to help reduce the cost per week for the markets regular stallholders, it also provides a discount to those who book / pay online for their site as these customers are aware of and have agreed to the markets terms and conditions, conditions of entry, prohibited items from sale and their OH&S obligations. By having a greater number of stallholders having pre-booked their sites for market days also gave management key information as to what the market can expect in the way of stallholder numbers attending, allowing us to be more efficient and again not pass on any other operating costs to our regular stallholders. 

Casual 'on the day' stallholders attract a higher fee as staff on the day often need to provide them with much more time, information and documentation prior to them gaining access and setting up their site, staff need to ensure these  ensure they are aware of and agree to the conditions of entry, Stallholder Terms and Conditions, prohibited items from sale, site layout, risk management and where they will be able to locate their site for the day. 

Access and availability of items for hire on market days

From July 1, the market will introduce a new method of making our trestle tables and clothing racks easier to book for hire ahead of time (reducing stress on market days). Methods include:

  • Permanent vendors will be able to add a quantity of tables / clothing racks required to their permanent vendor booking form. This will see them secured ahead of time, and reduce the number of payments made on market days to one.
  • Online casuals: being from around October / November 2018, online casual bookings will have the opportunity to add trestle tables and clothing racks to their online booking.

While details are still being finalised, it is proposed that stallholders will be able to collect their pre-booked trestle tables and clothes racks from a designated site from within the market, where market staff will also be allocated to ensure that items are only allocated to those who have made bookings for equipment. 

Increased awareness and promotion of the Belmont Market

The Belmont Market will be seeking to increase its social media presence by introducing an dedicated Instagram account that will connect with the market’s website, Facebook page and its regular email updates. This will give stallholders as well as customers the opportunity to share photos of the Belmont Market to the wide world of social media – and in turn increase the awareness of the Belmont Market. This also allows management to better target information, updates and promotions to specific demographics that will continue to grow the market while also increase foot traffic on market days.   

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Page last updated: Friday, 29 June 2018