Walk in the Park

Friday, 1 June 2018

The innovative raingarden project in Johnstone Park that harvests stormwater, then cleans and stores it to irrigate the park, is complete and ready to be enjoyed.

The raingarden features a series of terraced garden beds that filter stormwater to remove pollutants which would otherwise flow into Corio Bay. A 350,000-litre tank has been built underground to store the clean water, which will meet about half of Johnstone Park’s irrigation needs.

The harvested water will be distributed through the park via 20 kilometres of pipes, buried in garden beds.

The $1.85 million project is a key initiative of the Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan, being delivered through a partnership between the Victorian Government and the City of Greater Geelong, and is just one of the many Revitalising Central Geelong projects that have been creating a hive of construction activity across the city in the past 12 months.

More than 1300 new plants have been planted within the raingarden and in new garden beds created around the edge of the park.
The project includes a new staircase and ramp, providing all-abilities access to the park's basin. The park's historic Medici urns have also been restored and placed at the top of the staircase.

The Victorian Government provided $1.7 million for the project, as part of the $195 million it has already invested in implementing the Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan. The City contributed $150,000 to the raingarden.



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