Administrators’ final report to Minister for Local Government

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

With the swearing in of the new Council at a Special Meeting on Tuesday 14 November 2017, the appointment of the panel of Administrators came to a close.

The Administrators were appointed to oversee the organisation’s work to address the Commission of Inquiry recommendations and provided quarterly progress reports to the Minister for Local Government in September 2016, December 2016, March 2017 and June 2017. These reports are publically available on our website.

As part of the Administrators’ handover of responsibility to the new Council, Ernst & Young were commissioned to provide an independent status report on progress to address the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry.

The report also includes assessment of work undertaken to address recommendations in supplementary independent reviews by Susan Halliday (culture), Deloitte (ICT) and Ernst & Young (financial).

The eight focus areas of the report with highlighted findings are:

  1. Governance – an ongoing focus and periodic review of governance is vital.
  2. Strategy, planning and monitoring – the 30 year vision requires alignment with shorter term strategy and financial plans to ensure momentum for the direction developed by more than 16,000 Greater Geelong residents, businesses and not-for-profit groups.
  3. Culture & people management – ongoing leadership and culture programs are needed to embed the new organisational values and encourage enterprise behaviour and ways of thinking. The consolidation of corporate offices into one central location will create efficiency gains through increased collaboration and connectivity.
  4. Financial management – a draft Financial Management Framework and Policy needs to be embedded for decision making to support the 30 year vision and align with short and longer term financial plans.
  5. Asset management – with $2 billion of property and assets to manage, any incremental improvement in asset management will result in benefit to the organisation and the community. The advice of expert asset managers needs to inform policy, implementation and a reconsidered renewal program.
  6. Information management – the Deloitte review found underinvestment on ICT of $2-4 million per year. To start to address this, there are 12 recommendations ($11.7 million) underway over a 2 year timeframe. Continued investment in ICT will boost productivity, reduce costs and improve responsiveness to the community.
  7. Risk management – a risk audit is underway with a focus on strategic risks to update the enterprise risk matrix.
  8. Relationships and reputational management – a complex, large organisation such as the City needs an improved corporate affairs function.

Kelvin Spiller - Chief Executive Officer

The Report to the Administrators – Status Update by Ernst & Young is an assessment of progress against the Commission of Inquiry recommendations during the term of the Administrators.

It’s important to note that this work is ongoing and there is still much ahead of us.

We are continuing the program of work and will be regularly reporting progress to the Mayor and Council.

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