Fyansford silos artwork

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

We issued this media response to the Geelong Advertiser's questions about the Fyansford Silos.

Tim Ellis - Acting Director Investment and Attraction 

Is the council supportive of the project?

Public art can play a key role in creating quality public places, telling local stories, expressing civic pride, developing cohesive communities and enhancing local cultural identity.
The City is very supportive of the Fyansford silo initiative, which will contribute to Greater Geelong’s public art in positive and exciting way by featuring three worthy local and contemporary identities. 

Is the council providing any funding / support for the Fyansford silos project?

The silos are privately owned structures and the City is not providing funding assistance to the developers of the site, who have funded the project privately.

Does it tie in with the City's public art policy?

The City has one of the largest, and most significant, collections of public art and monuments in Victoria and high quality work that contributes to the City’s growing reputation in public art is supported.
The Fyansford silo initiative is consistent with the City’s public art policy, our community’s clever and creative vision, and the recognition of Geelong as a UNESCO International City of Design.

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