Cunningham Pier to buzz with electric vehicle charging stations

Friday, 3 November 2017 3:18 PM

We are continuing to implement clever and creative initiatives across the region with two electric car charging stations to be installed at Cunningham Pier by early December 2017, providing opportunities for the region to reduce its carbon footprint.

The project is part of a larger initiative to make the city and waterfront more user friendly and improve the north/ south laneway network in central Geelong, which includes the construction of a solar power supply, new pedestrian crossings, new footpaths and kerbs, new lighting, more open lawn spaces and garden beds, and an alfresco area for food vans.

The project’s pinnacle is the installation of two electric vehicle charging stations which will increase public awareness and provide the infrastructure enabling the uptake of environmentally-friendly transport options. Users will be able to check the availability of the charging stations, which can charge four vehicles simultaneously, through their smartphones.

The initiative was funded by the City, through Future Proofing Geelong, in collaboration with the Geelong Manufacturing Council and the Victorian Government. It supports other initiatives already underway across the region supporting the community’s vision for Greater Geelong to be recognised as clever and creative, while assisting new and existing business to adapt to ‘green’ technologies. 

Geoff Lawler - Director of Planning and Development

“The project was established  when a new pedestrian crossing was earmarked for the area across Western Beach Road. It is part of a larger strategy to make it easier for pedestrians to come and go between the city and the waterfront, especially via the laneway network.”

“The new electric charging stations will bring people to the Geelong Waterfront, who will frequent local businesses whilst their cars are charging.”

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Page last updated: Monday, 13 November 2017