Barry Lane, Wallington: update

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The City has consulted with a range of stakeholders regarding the future possible upgrade of Barry Lane, and has agreed to the following actions:

  • Barry Lane is an unmade public road reserve, classified as Category 1 – Fire track.
  • The City will undertake design work and costings for a possible upgrade of this track to deliver a higher level of traffic service.
  • A local business operator has offered to seek quotes for this work from private contractors, and to meet with the wider residents’ group (including Lings Road) to discuss their financial contribution to a possible upgrade.
  • The City would follow its standard procurement method to seek our own quotes for any works, and if a contractor is recommended that meets our strict OHS requirements then we might consider them.
  • The City would oversee and approve all works, and retain ongoing liability and maintenance.
  • The City is yet to determine the potential allocation of costs to each property owner.