Heritage Strategy adopted

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Our commitment to heritage protection has been enhanced with the adoption of the Greater Geelong Municipal Heritage Strategy 2017-2021 at the council meeting held on 20 September 2017.

The endorsement will also see a commitment to the formation of a Heritage Advisory Committee.

The Strategy will provide a framework to guide Council on heritage matters within the organisation and the broader community, and has been prepared in-line with Heritage Victoria and State Government guidelines.

Developed using research, input from stakeholder groups, a community workshop and internal Council units, the Strategy will require that we build our capacity within the organisation, including training for Officers and Councillors, additional resourcing and securing external funding.

The Greater Geelong Heritage Strategy will assist us to meet our obligations under the Planning and Environment Act, Planning Scheme, Heritage Act and the Aboriginal Heritage Act. It focuses on our responsibilities and areas of influence in relation to:

  • identifying positive heritage measures already employed by Council

  • identifying and prioritising work to be done in the future

  • appropriately managing and protecting the heritage assets of the community and

  • educating the community, reporting on and celebrating achievements.

Doctor Kathy Alexander - Administrator Chair

The City of Greater Geelong is proud of our rich natural, built and cultural heritage. Our heritage contributes to our understanding of the past, sense of place and identity.
We are working to ensure that our heritage, both tangible and intangible, survives to be a source of enjoyment, creativity and pride to our residents and visitors now and into the future.
Conserving and promoting our heritage is essential to understanding and enhancing the image of the City and to share the unique story of Geelong. Every Council interaction with heritage should be seen as an opportunity to celebrate and build individual and community connections. This will further promote understanding and the appreciation of our heritage within the municipality.

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