New stormwater pipe for Barwon Heads

Monday, 11 September 2017

We are upgrading the stormwater outfall pipe at Ozone Road jetty in Barwon Heads to improve the flow of stormwater and reduce localised flooding. 

The existing stormwater pipe below the Ozone Road jetty which can be seen at low tide, doesn’t have sufficient capacity, resulting in localised flooding upstream.

We have designed a larger outfall pipe of 1.6 metres in diameter that will discharge run-off from all storm events more quickly. It will be built 16 metres north of the existing pipe under the jetty and extend 14 metres further out into the river channel, 3.5 metres east of the end of the jetty. The new location will make it unseen at low tide as it will be much lower and further out into the river channel.

The installation of the new pipe will permit higher flows at peak times reducing flooding in the Clifford Parade - Grove Road catchment area.

There will be limited risk to boats using the channel as three beacons will be placed as navigation makers along the pipe and the extent of the outfall doesn’t go much farther beyond the jetty.

We have committed to conducting water quality monitoring of the jetty area before and during construction, engaging an external nationally accredited laboratory to undertake the work.

We consulted with local, state and federal government departments in developing the proposal.

Works commenced in August 2017 and will be completed by December 2017.

Peter Godfrey - Acting Director City Services 

The replacement of the stormwater pipe is important for the local community in reducing the effects of flooding during significant storm events and by removing the old pipe visible at low tide, makes the area around the jetty a more pleasant place for recreational use.