The City’s calling for information

Thursday, 10 August 2017

During the next few weeks the City is conducting a random phone survey of local residents to find out how they source and receive information about what’s happening in Greater Geelong.

The City has engaged local company Call Assist to conduct the survey to find out which local newspapers, radio stations and social media platforms people use to receive news and information.

The survey will also ask residents what they’d like to see or hear from the City and how they’d like to receive it.

Last year’s communications survey resulted in the re-introduction of the City’s community newsletter, Community Update, after feedback from residents showed they wanted to receive a City newsletter delivered to their letterbox.

Quote attributed to City of Greater Geelong Director Finance and Strategy Joanne Moloney:

“The City aims to continue improving how we communicate with residents to ensure they’re well informed about everything happening in our region.”

“We’re encouraging people, if phoned by Call Assist, to take part in the survey so we can provide residents and customers with the most efficient and effective communications.”

“Feedback from last year’s survey showed that people wanted to receive information via a newsletter delivered to their homes and that’s why we re-introduced Community Update.”