How we process our recycling

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

In light of last night’s Four Corners episode, we want to reassure residents that the recyclables you place in your yellow-lid bin are, in fact, being recycled.

Our recycling processing contractor, SKM, sorts the collected kerbside recyclables into various commodities, which are then sold to various companies around Australia and overseas.

  • Paper/cardboard: This is highly sought and is supplied to local and overseas markets for re use.
  • Glass: Container glass is separated into different colours, then broken up so that it is ready for use by manufacturers like Oi and Arora within Australia.  Some of the product is refined and sold off as glass sands to various local markets. 

    The colour-sorting process adds value to the recyclable glass.  The NSW glass shown on Four Corners was unsorted (by colour) so it was not suitable for reuse to make single colour green, brown or clear bottles and containers for food and beverage use.
  • Metals: Aluminium and steel are sold off to smelters overseas.

  • Plastics: These are generally separated into specific product types and traded for re use to local and overseas markets.  

We really want to stress how important recycling is. We have had a huge response to our recent recycling campaign and the results of our recent bin audits show more people are putting their waste in the right bins. 

Please keep up your great recycling work, Geelong!