New approach to community grants

Thursday, 8 June 2017

We will develop a more streamlined and accessible grants funding model for the allocation of $5.6 million of funding programs as part of the new Community Investment & Support Fund in the next financial year.  

The fund will also include an allocation of $1 million for a new Community Facility Infrastructure Fund to support capital works projects in sporting and community facilities.

The new model would improve administration and delivery of the City’s community grants program, bringing together over 18 programs and other grant funding based allocations into one collective investment model.

The new model will make the grants process more easy to understand and more accessible to the community by improving consistency around guidelines, clarity and transparency around application and assessment process.

The new integrated grants program titled the “Community Investment and Support Fund” will provide one central entry point for the community to access grant funding and one portal for submitting grant applications and reports.

Applications will be assessed according to agreed and transparent criteria with assessment panels comprising at least one independent expert member.

Evaluation processes will ensure the City’s grant program is appropriately monitored and audited.  Implementation of the Community Investment and Support Fund is planned to commence in the 2017–2018 financial year.

Laurinda Gardner - Administrator

“The review last year of the current management and delivery of grants identified improvement opportunities relating to policy, governance, grant management allocation models, system support and community interface with grant programs.
Allocation of funds will be based on themes aligned with City Plan and indicators of successful communities identified in the Our Future project.
Using a centralised administration model will assist cohesive program planning, design and assessment which can be strongly linked to City Plan objectives and Our Future indicators for cohesive community outcomes.
The centralised program model will also allow Council to demonstrate robust governance and accountability frameworks and transparency through increased consistency in policy, processes, documentation and messaging to the community.”