Potential funding for community sport infrastructure projects

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The City of Greater Geelong has endorsed the development of a number of submissions for Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Community Sport Infrastructure Fund.

The fund provides an important opportunity for the City to secure funding for vital sport and recreation projects across the municipality.

Recreation and sporting clubs across the municipality were invited to submit projects for consideration under the minor facilities, female-friendly and cricket facilities categories.

A total of 15 submissions have been received.

The City was eligible to submit a total of three applications to Sport and Recreation Victoria under the three categories.

The submissions selected to go to SRV for its consideration were:

  • Kingston Park sub-regional playground (minor facilities category)

  • Armstrong Creek West Regional Soccer, Hockey and Tennis Master Plan and Feasibility Study (regional planning category)

  • Lara Soccer Club Stage 2 Female Change Facility (female facilities category) and

  • Bell Park Sports Club female change facility (female facilities category).

Peter Dorling - Administrator

“The aim of the State Government funding is to  increase sport and recreation participation for all Victorians, and particularly to increase female and junior participation in sport and recreation activities.
Pending the outcome of each application, the projected City contribution for any successful project application would be referred to the City’s 2018-19 Budget for consideration.