Find hidden treasure in Geelong's Life Underground mural

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Soon you’ll be able to take an adventure to find hidden treasure and gold coins painted across the CBD thanks to the City’s latest public art project, Life Underground.

The first mural in the Life Underground project is on display at The Carousel on Geelong’s Waterfront. When the project is complete it will form a trail leading people through Central Geelong, across 12 sites.

The murals represent the work of local identity Stuart Devlin, an internationally renowned goldsmith and jeweller.

Geelong is full of hidden stories and the use of a tunnel system as a visual metaphor for the project has a link to the previous use of an underground tunnel to transport goods beneath Brougham street. 

The Life Underground mural trail is expected to be complete within the next few months. 

Brett Luxford - Directore Investment and Attraction

“Few people know that the designer of Australia’s coin currency is from Geelong. He also holds the distinguished position of being a former Goldsmith and Jeweller to the Queen.
The murals are a celebration of some of Stuart’s beautifully crafted pieces. They appeal to a child’s imagination as they look for the hidden jewels and coins in each of the works.
The paintings are delightful and beautifully executed by local artist Michael Cassar.
Michael’s tunnels transport us into a world which offers a glimpse into the life of Stuart Devlin.
There are many stories for us to unearth and celebrate across our Municipality. Public art is a highly engaging way of connecting residents and visitors to our history and framing our cultural identity as a City.” 

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