Our Future engagement at the Pivot Summit
Our Future engagement at the Pivot Summit

Nominations now open for Our Future Assembly

Friday, 17 February 2017

Nominations are now open to participate in the Our Future Assembly.

The Our Future Assembly will be a unique experience bringing together a cross section of our community in order to build a shared vision for Greater Geelong to be delivered over the next 30 years.

This important full-day community event will be held in central Geelong, and involve deliberating alternative futures for our region.

The day will be facilitated by renowned community engagement specialist Tim Orton.

The future scenarios presented at the Assembly will be based on the priorities identified during the Time to Decide phase of Our Future, and participants will be challenged to reach consensus on a single vision for Greater Geelong. 

The Our Future vision will be a key resource not only for the incoming Council, to be elected in late October 2017, but also subsequent councils, other organisations, businesses and anyone wanting to make a genuine contribution to our region.

Nominations to attend the Our Future Assembly must be received by Friday 31 March 2017.  

Places are limited, so a random selection of nominees will be invited to attend.

To ensure a diverse representation of people from our community attend the Assembly, invitations will be based on demographic information you provide and be distributed mid-April 2017.

Nominate online now, or phone City of Greater Geelong Customer Service on 03 5272 5272.