Smart lighting system installed in Ocean Grove

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The City of Greater Geelong has installed an integrated smart lighting system in Ocean Grove connecting LED public lighting to WiFI and smart phone applications.

The project will also provide the groundwork towards a sophisticated IoT (Internet of things network to the benefit of the greater community.

The lighting innovation will provide some amazing benefits for local traders, residents and people visiting Ocean Grove.

The smart lighting system also:

  • addresses safety concerns of local traders by improving the lighting of public areas

  • will reduce the City’s (lighting) energy costs by up to 70 per cent

  • reduce carbon emissions and

  • require less maintenance than regular street lights.

William Tieppo - General Manager City Services

"The City decided to lead the way in local government by being one of the first municipalities to install integrated smart street lighting in Australia.
Saving power and lowering CO2 by installing LED lights is a logical step, and by optimising this and including smart city networks at the same time, lowers costs which will be of great benefit.
Our smart lighting system has everyone talking. So far we’ve received inquiries and interest from New Zealand, Asia and Europe.
When people are in The Terrace they will be able to access free WiFi that is connected to the lights.
We aim to roll out smart lighting across the municipality as part of a combined G21 Councils’ partnership initiative to future proof lighting infrastructure throughout the region.
This will allow the City of Greater Geelong to provide improved traffic and parking conditions, safer pedestrian environments, improved services for tourists, improved commercial output and lower energy and maintenance costs as well as integrating any other future smart city developments that can be adapted quickly and cost efficiently into the new networks."

Ty Simons - Ocean Grove Traders Association President

"Local traders are very excited about the new smart lighting system that has been installed in The Terrace.
We are all looking forward to becoming the town of the future and paving the way for other towns across the region.
The benefits that this system will bring to local business, the community and tourism is only limited by our imagination.”

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