Community members have their say at a forum in Drysdale
Community members have their say at a forum in Drysdale

City a step ahead following changes to local government planning policy

Friday, 18 November 2016

We are on track to deliver a new State Government mandated four-year plan for the municipality following changes to the Local Government Act.

The City’s Administrator Chair Dr Kathy Alexander said the reform, announced this week, required all Victorian councils to develop a four-year plan in consultation with their community.

Dr Alexander praised the policy change, saying it reflected a new community engagement strategy The City is developing to ensure residents had every opportunity to be involved in civic decision making, including budget allocation and council priorities.

Monthly community meetings and the Have Your Say online portal are just some of the ways we are demonstrating our commitment to engaging local residents and giving people a voice.

She said the City was already a step ahead in developing a four-year plan as part of its work to create a 30-year vision for the municipality, called Our Future.

Dr Alexander said thousands of residents had already engaged with the City as part of the project, offering their views on what Geelong’s future should be.

The Our Future project will continue to capture community views until early next year, with every household set to receive an Our Future survey in their mail during December.

The City's Administrator Chair Dr Kathy Alexander

Developing an ongoing culture of community engagement at the City is one of our priorities as Administrators.

Research shows that when a community is actively participating in local government planning and decision making, residents are more committed to projects, effective solutions are created using local knowledge and potential problems are solved before they become too big.

We’re aiming to engage with 25,000 residents, businesses and not-for-profit groups in developing this future vision.

With at least one in 10 of Geelong’s population involved in creating Our Future, we’ll have a community-supported vision that is more likely to stand the test of successive councils and government.

We’re urging households to complete and return the survey using the enclosed reply paid envelope or take a look at our website for more information about how you can get involved.