Citizens' Jury to decide on future Council for Geelong

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A Citizens' Jury will be asked to consider how the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors are elected, the number of councillors required and how the representative structure may look. The municipality could be structured as one ward or divided into multiple wards. The wards could be multi-member or single member. 

The State Government has engaged an independent company, New Democracy Foundation, to establish the Citizens’ Jury of 100 people, from around Geelong. This is a new form of deliberative democracy that brings together representative, random samples of citizens to discuss possible approaches and solutions.

More about the announcement from the State Government.

Dr Kathy Alexander - Administrator, City of Greater Geelong 

"I am strongly in favour of the citizens’ jury announced by the Minister."
"I've seen the success of the concept first-hand when I was with the City of Melbourne and believe the system would provide deeply informed participation in complex electoral decisions."
"This is an opportunity to hear the opinions from everyday people in all areas of the community, over and above the regular lobby groups."

"It also provides an opportunity for community members to learn about democratic and electoral models and their impacts on civic leadership."

"Geelong contains an incredibly loyal and proud community, committed to seeing our city and municipality flourish.  This is a valuable asset to tap into."

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