Local school launches 37-panel solar energy system

Friday, 10 June 2016

South Geelong Primary School has taken on a leading role in the global clean energy revolution. 

Congratulations to staff, students, parents and supporters who helped launch a 37-panel solar energy system on the school’s roof.

South Geelong Primary has worked since 2014 to raise $13,000 for the system through online crowd funding platform The People’s Solar, with support from Geelong Sustainability, and through fundraising activities, such as classroom coin competitions, cake stalls, raffles and a solar obstacle course at the school’s annual carnival.

A dedicated “green team” of staff and parents also collected generous community donations and a Geelong Connected Community grant for the solar project.

William Tieppo - General Manager of City Services and Chair of Future Proofing Advisory Board

"South Geelong Primary School would save money on its electricity bills and staff would also be able to better educate students about sustainability."

“This is a fantastic initiative that the City supports through the adoption of the One Planet Living principle of zero carbon."
“Geelong is one of only three cities in Australia to be awarded a One Planet certification."
“As well as achieving One Planet Living certification for our own operations, we look forward to continuing great partnerships with our community and encourage everyone to join us by adopting the principles for homes, business, organisations or community groups to become a sustainable region.”

South Geelong Primary School Principal Leanne Dowling 

"Students were excited to officially launch the solar panel system."

“It’s been fantastic to see the enthusiasm of our school community in taking ownership of this project."

“From the beginning everyone jumped on board with a plan to reduce our energy consumption and save that money to invest in other sustainability initiatives."

“The energy we save will go back into the grid and the money we save on bills will be used to build bike storage, an orchard of fruit trees and potentially a chicken coop.”

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