Commission of Inquiry report and follow up

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Read the report from the Commission of Inquiry into Greater Geelong City Council, tabled in the Victorian Parliament on Tuesday 12 April 2016.

Three administrators – Doctor Kathy Alexander (Chair), Peter Dorling and Laurinda Gardner – were sworn in to fill the roles of Mayor and Councillors until the City’s next scheduled election in October 2017. They'll address issues raised in the Commission of Inquiry’s report.


Did you provide information to the Commission of Inquiry?

The Commission of Inquiry report provided examples of alleged instances of bullying and inappropriate behaviour at the City of Greater Geelong.

The transcripts and other documents created by the Commission have been sealed and Council administration is not able to examine issues raised with the Commission other than those referred to specifically in the report of the Commission of Inquiry.

Members of the community who spoke with or wrote to the Commission of Inquiry and who wish to have their issues considered by the City of Greater Geelong are encouraged to contact Susan Halliday - an independent expert in employment law and human rights:

1. Document your issue concisely

2. Send your issue to Susan Halliday by 14 June 2016 (if possible):


    Susan Halliday
    ‘Strictly private and confidential’
    PO Box 104
    Geelong VIC 3220

 Please note, information received after 14 June will still be considered.

In the longer term if you have issues to raise, please contact the Complaint Review Panel - comprised of Susan Halliday (Independent Chair), Kelvin Spiller (CEO) and Andrew Keen (Manager People & Organisation Development).