Register your group – nature volunteers

Personal accident insurance for volunteers is just one of the many benefits.

For risk, safety and site access reasons, we now require all nature volunteer groups operating on City-owned land to register with us. By becoming registered, your group will receive the following benefits:

  • personal accident insurance for volunteers while they're working on City-owned land (see below for more information about limits to this cover)
  • help to source tools, materials and personal protective equipment
  • free training and inductions in volunteer safety
  • help to prepare an annual activity program
  • technical advice and support
  • regular updates about health and safety, events and training opportunities
  • opportunity to become a strategic partner.  

By registering, your nature volunteer group will be able to operate on City-owned land for the next 12 months. Once you register, one of our environment team will be in contact to discuss your group's annual activity program.

Register now  


Please note: You will be required to provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance your group is operating under – whether it’s your group’s policy, or that of your designated auspice organisation.

If your group does not have public liability insurance, read more about this under step 3 of starting a new volunteer group, or contact us.

Personal accident insurance

As mentioned above, we provide personal accident insurance cover for registered nature volunteer groups whose volunteers are injured while working on City-managed land. Please be aware this insurance does not cover:

  • volunteers aged under 12
  • anyone with a pre-existing medical condition or injury likely to be aggravated by the activity they are carrying out.

Becoming a strategic partner

As well as all the benefits mentioned above, registered groups can also apply to become a strategic partner. By becoming a strategic partner, you'll receive additional support including:

  • funding to cover administration and operating costs
  • support to apply for external funding
  • help in appointing external contractors to deliver high-risk, or complex, management actions.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 January 2021