A nature volunteer group is a group of people who volunteer together to observe, study and conserve wildlife and nature in their local area. 

While some might carry out conservation work in a particular nature reserve, others have a broader focus that might include surveying wildlife or educating the broader community and government.

Nature volunteering is a great way to give back to your environment and local community. Whether you are new to nature volunteering or already leading your own group, this page has information and resources that can help you out.

For new volunteers

By becoming a nature volunteer, you will be making a genuine and visible contribution to nature. By participating in activities, such as tree plantings, you'll be able to go back and see the difference you've made for years to come.

As a volunteer, you will meet like-minded people, benefit from their knowledge and experience the health and wellbeing benefits of being outdoors and active in nature.

For existing groups and group leaders

We manage over 1,400 hectares of nature reserves throughout Greater Geelong and rely on support from nature volunteer groups to help us with this important work.

We now require all nature volunteer groups operating on City-owned land to register with us. By registering, you and your fellow group members will be given access to extra support and resources.