Approved alternative nature strip surface

Our preferred nature strip surface is grass.  

Works in the nature strip not approved by the current guidelines and Neighbourhood Amenity Local Laws 2014 may incur penalty notices.

Property owners may change this to well compacted fine size gravels which meet specific criteria.  The use of fake grass is a theft risk and its use is at the owners risk.

We are aware that many residents prefer a nature strip which does not require mowing or regular maintenance as part of their property landscaping.  We are reviewing the nature strip guidelines as part of meeting community expectations, however these requirements remain current and enforceable.

Our nature strip guidelines contain options for alternatives to grass nature strips. Separate guidelines exist for roads with footpaths and those without.

Nature strips with footpaths

Synthetic Turf Nature Strip

Where a footpath exists, residents have the choice to use gravels, synthetic turf or ground covers below 10 centimetres in height.

Nature strips with no footpaths

Where no footpath exists, the nature strip needs to allow for pedestrian movement. To enable this, only gravels can be used as an alternative to grass.

Future footpaths are generally installed within a 1.8 metres passage along the property boundary and are subject to a Special Rate and Charge Scheme.


Gravels that have an average stone size of six to eight millimetres and are well graded (that is: include a mix of stone chip and fines) to enable compaction to a surface that doesn’t shift are suitable for use as an alternative nature strip. 

Larger loose stones and rock do not provide a surface which can be used by wheelchairs and mobility impaired people and the stones may be scattered onto other surfaces creating a slip hazard.

Conforming products include:

  • Anakie Granitic Blend (recommended)

  • Fine Orange Gravel (recommended)

  • Lilydale Toppings

  • Tuscan Toppings

  • six millimetres recycled crushed brick/concrete

  • Recycled crushed/profiled asphalt.


Installation requires the removal of material for at least eight centimetres depth (hand excavated around trees) and levelled compaction of the gravel, when it is slightly moistened, using a recognised compaction device.

Service authority works

From time to time service authorities need to dig up the nature strip to work on their infrastructure.

When this occurs, they are required to replace damaged footpaths and driveways and re-level the nature strip with loam and grass seed.

Residents with alternative nature strips will be required to reinstate the surface for themselves.

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