Pakington Street (Geelong West) and Gordon Avenue Urban Design Framework

We’ve identified an opportunity to prepare an Urban Design Framework (UDF) for Pakington Street (Geelong West) and Gordon Avenue.

There's something inherently special about 'Pako'.

It's home to one of Geelong's biggest celebrations of cultural diversity and offers some of the best shopping and dining experiences in a backdrop of heritage buildings and community spirit that contribute to a 'village' vibe.

With such success, come challenges and vast opportunities for improvement. After all, it has been many years since the streetscapes were upgraded and the wear and tear is evident.

Why should we prepare a UDF?

Pakington Street (Geelong West) and Gordon Avenue can play a leading role in delivering our Clever and Creative future.

We want to make sure this special area continues to thrive and that its full potential is unlocked.

The UDF would provide an opportunity to develop a shared vision for the future of the area. It would help guide future growth and development including built form outcomes, streetscape design, traffic and pedestrian movements, car parking and land use, and would assist in the assessment of future development proposals.

The UDF would also provide design principles and recommend improvements to existing and future infrastructure to help guide our future capital investment in the area.

Consultation will be a key component of this process and is vital for a successful UDF.

What's the latest news?

We've commissioned face-to-face surveys designed to measure the quality of people's experiences on different parts of Pakington Street (Geelong West).

These surveys called 'PX Assessments' ask you rate the physical, economic, social and cultural attributes that contribute to you wanting to visit and spend time in different parts of Pako and are a place measurement tool designed to help us (the City), local businesses, and the community better understand what makes 'Pako' a good place for people.

These surveys will be conducted from Saturday 24 November to Saturday 1 December 2018.


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Page last updated: Thursday, 7 February 2019