Key music programs and partnerships

Information about our creative partners who support local music initiatives.


FReeZA is an innovative youth development program that enables young people to enjoy fully supervised drug, alcohol and smoke-free events.

Each year up to 400 FReeZA events are staged, with over 150,000 young people attending from across Victoria.

Contact Carol Cameron on 03 5272 4114 or email [email protected].

Music education in Geelong

Music education is a key element of the industry eco-system. We have a range of education and training facilities to choose from.

If you are keen to study music in Geelong, but not sure which course is right for you, here are some options:

Music in your business

Businesses playing background music in their retail stores, including radio, are required to obtain a license under the Copyright Act.

A OneMusic licence gives you the permission you need to play music in your business, while supporting the people that make the music you love.

Geelong Music Venues Day

Hosted in October each year in partnership with Music Victoria, this annual forum brings together the city’s live music venue operators to network and discuss industry updates and the late night economy. 

City of Greater Geelong Spotify Playlist Series

Sounds of Geelong Playlist

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