Multicultural Action Plan

The Multicultural Action Plan (MAP) 2018 - 2022 continues to provide strategic direction and guidance to Council to think, plan and deliver inclusively in response to the diverse needs of our increasing culturally diverse population. 

The plan has been developed in consultation with various agencies, community groups and our Multicultural Action Plan Advisory Committee. It recognises the importance of embracing cultural diversity as a whole of organisation approach and a multi agency approach to implementation. It underpins our planning and service provision.

The MAP is a great reflection of Council Plan 2018-2022 which has a focus on “putting our community first” and our “Clever and Creative Future” aspirations. To this end, the current MAP focus is to address real community needs including capacity building of the communities in the areas of employment,  celebration of cultures and identity, leadership and social cohesion.

The health and wellbeing of our community is at the heart of Council’s priorities. Valuing, respecting, connecting and enabling people are some of our many ways to “make people the centre of our business”.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 10 May 2022