Mosquitoes - species

Several species of mosquitoes are found in the Geelong area and most can survive a broad range of weather conditions. 

Aedes camptorhynchus

This is the most common mosquito found on the Bellarine Peninsula.  This mosquito breeds in salt or brackish water.

Aedes camptorhynchus mosquito - side view

Aedes notoscriptus

This mosquito breeds in fresh water containers like buckets, tyres, tins, etc.

Aedes notoscriptus mosquito - front view

Coquillettidia linealis

This mosquito breeds in vegetated freshwater.

Coquillettidia linealis mosquito - side view

Chironomid Fly

There are several primitive flies that look very similar to mosquitoes.

Chironomid Fly - side view

The Chironomid Fly can be found in large swarming numbers, especially after flooding.

As they can breed in our identified breeding sites, they are commonly mistaken for mosquitoes.

However, they differ from mosquitoes as they do not bite and have a long antenna.

These images have been provided with the permission of Stephen L. Doggett, Senior Hospital Scientist, Department of Medical Entomology.

Page last updated: Monday, 4 September 2023