Mosquito Management Program - Limitations

There are limitations to our mosquito management program. 

There are many factors that impact the effectiveness of our mosquito management program:

  • Mosquitoes are part of the natural ecosystem and it is not possible to eliminate all mosquitoes.

  • Much of our coastal environment is conducive to mosquito breeding and is protected by international environmental charters, limiting the amount of mosquito management activity that can take place in these areas 

  • We must comply with the conditions of our approval from the Commonwealth that restrict any aerial treatment of mosquito larvae in RAMSAR wetlands between 15 March and 15 August each year

  • The differing flora and vegetation around our municipality make some areas better for mosquito harbouring than other areas (for example: tea tree in Point Lonsdale, the Geelong Botanic Gardens) 

  • We have limited resources to investigate all potential mosquito breeding sites, residents must take responsibility to eliminate mosquito breeding around their homes

  • Residents have differing tolerance levels to mosquitoes, making it difficult to satisfy everyone 

  • Treatment products and application methods are not 100% effective due to vegetation, environmental conditions and climatic variations. Therefore, there will always be mosquitoes around.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 29 September 2020