Mosquito Management Program - monitoring and treatment

We monitor mosquito larvae levels in known breeding sites and apply mosquito larvicide treatments when larvae levels are high.

We focus on monitoring mosquito levels and managing mosquito larvae.

The major components of our program are:

  1. Monitoring
    Our staff monitor mosquito breeding sites around the Bellarine Peninsula to check for mosquito larvae. Depending on the number of larvae detected at the site, a decision is made as to whether the site requires treatment.
  2. Ground treatment
    If breeding sites are easily accessible, ground crews can treat the area manually. Breeding sites around built up areas like pits, drains and constructed wetlands are always treated by ground based methods
  3. Light trapping
    Mosquito light trapping is done at various sites to monitor adult mosquito levels. The number of mosquitoes caught in each trap gives us an indication of the mosquito levels in a particular area. Light traps are a surveillance tool and are not used to reduce the overall mosquito population.
  4. Community Education
    Each year we respond to over 100 enquiries from the public regarding high numbers of mosquitoes in our community and how we control them.  We also provide information to schools and community groups as required.

Page last updated: Monday, 4 September 2023