Mosquito Management

Our mosquito management program operates to reduce mosquito levels in the community.  

This minimises health risks associated with mosquito borne diseases and reduces the impact of biting insects on our health, wellbeing and ability to enjoy our environment.

What we do

For many years, our community has called upon the City to deliver a mosquito management program in coastal areas. Our mosquito treatment program currently is focused on ground control programs around townships, as the city seeks a 10-year permit to continue treatments in wetlands.

The City has submitted a detailed application seeking a permit from the Commonwealth Government to conduct treatments in Ramsar listed wetlands at Port Phillip and the Bellarine Peninsula.

Our Mosquito Management Officers are continuing to monitor known breeding sites and respond to customer notifications about potential new breeding sites. 

We follow stringent safety precautions, we don’t broad based pesticides, and we only use approved biological products in our program. People, other animals, and the general environment are not adversely affected by the treatments.

The program normally operates late May each year and is affected by the changes in weather patterns from year to year. Generally, mosquito numbers are low during the winter months, and monitoring and treatment are minimal during this period.

It’s important to note that mosquitoes are a natural part of the ecosystem in our region, there are limitations to any mosquito management program, and it’s not possible to eliminate all mosquitos.

We also provide educational material for use in school and in the home.

What you can do

You can check your property for possible breeding sites around your home.

You can take simple steps to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Page last updated: Monday, 10 January 2022