Council endorses next step to upgrade Aldershot Reserve

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

The redevelopment of Aldershot Reserve in St Albans Park is one step closer, after Council endorsed the master plan at last night’s Council meeting. The Aldershot Reserve Master Plan received strong community support when it was released for public comment in June 2020, with 95 per cent of responders in support of the concept plan.

Greater Geelong Mayor Stephanie Asher said this was a positive step for the redevelopment of the reserve.

We’re thrilled to see such strong community support for the master plan, which is a clear indication of how important the redevelopment of this reserve is.
This redevelopment will have such a positive impact on the St Albans community, as it has been designed to meets their needs now and for future generations.

Design elements were guided by extensive community feedback which identified improved children’s play opportunities, additional trees and the creation of exercise and play opportunities for adults as priority areas for the community. Dog-walking was also highlighted as the number one reason people currently visit the reserve.

Considering the current and potential future use of the space, the Aldershot Reserve Master Plan features:

  • A sealed pump track suitable for bicycles and scooters;
  • A fenced dog park;
  • Additional trees and plenty of open space;
  • A fitness area;
  • Improved shelter, BBQ and play space facilities; and
  • Path network upgrades.

Improvements made to the reserve will also help create a more accessible open space, with sealed paths and accessible furniture and play facilities for children of all abilities. 

Community safety concerns have been addressed via the findings of a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design analysis, which proposed implementing safety design principles such as the suitable positioning and distance between trees, ensuring there is sufficient outdoor lighting for wayfinding and safety purposes and maintaining a clear line of sight throughout the reserve.

Brownbill Ward councillor Sarah Mansfield thanked community members for their involvement in shaping the master plan.

It is exciting to see this plan finalised, particularly for the residents of St Albans Park and surrounding suburbs.
A considerable amount of work has gone in to planning this redevelopment to create a green open space where both children and adults can play and exercise safely and dog-walkers can continue to enjoy the reserve.
Thank you to the residents who took the time to submit their feedback and help shape the Aldershot Reserve Master Plan for the whole community.
The masterplan is a great foundation, but the real work in implementing it now begins. I look forward to seeing the progress of this project.

The redevelopment of the reserve is identified as a key project of the Social Infrastructure Plan, which was adopted by Council in April 2020.  

The works shown in the master plan are estimated to cost approximately $3.2 million, with upgrades to be made in stages. 

Page last updated: Wednesday, 24 March 2021