Projects to help Armstrong Creek's growth

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Vital road upgrades, drainage works and multi-sport reserves that are essential for the orderly development of the Armstrong Creek growth area are being pursued by the City.

The high-priority public infrastructure projects in Armstrong Creek, Charlemont and Mount Duneed include:

  • Five road and intersection upgrades;
  • Three sporting reserves; and
  • Three retarding basins / wetlands.

To facilitate the projects, the City has identified the need to acquire portions of land.

During its 12 May 2020 meeting the Council resolved to prepare and exhibit Planning Scheme amendment C410, to apply a public acquisition overlay (PAO) in the Armstrong Creek growth area.

The PAO process will allow for long-planned water management, transport, recreation and public open space projects to be rolled out in a timely manner.

The City has contacted all relevant landowners and has met with individuals to discuss their specific properties.

Work is ongoing to establish mutually beneficial timeframes for any transfer, so landowners can best plan their future.

Under the PAO, landowners would receive a payment based on an independent assessment of the land’s market value and other associated costs, in line with Victorian legislation.

The cost of these purchases would be recovered by the City through development contributions and public open space contributions.

Planning Scheme amendment C410 will be open for public input and be independently reviewed.

Landowners will be able to provide submissions and be heard by an independent planning panel appointed by the Minister for Planning.

The proposed infrastructure projects were confirmed through previous public processes, such as precinct structure plans and development contribution plans.

About 30 per cent of the overall Armstrong Creek growth area development has been delivered.

The area will ultimately host a population of 55,000-65,000 people, making it one of the largest growth fronts in the country.


Horseshoe Bend Precinct

  • Sporting fields, community pavilion
  • Drainage, land required for wetlands and retarding basins
  • New road intersections, road widening of Horseshoe Bend Road reserve

Armstrong Creek East

  • Multi-purpose community pavilion, sporting ovals, soccer pitches, netball courts, tennis courts, open space reserve
  • New road intersections

Armstrong Creek West

  • Community pavilion, two sporting ovals, netball courts, bowling greens
  • New road intersections

Mayor Stephanie Asher:

Our long-term master plan has identified the region’s education, health, community service, recreation and open space needs and when the particular projects should be delivered.

We need to progress these projects to support the sustainable growth of the Armstrong Creek community.

This will allow for more residents to move into the area and have early access to new sporting and recreation facilities, contributing to a vibrant community life.

The community will have the chance to have its say on the proposed amendment, and we encourage everyone interested to do that.

Councillor Trent Sullivan, Chair, Planning portfolio:

This amendment hasn’t been taken lightly, however the process will allow for essential projects such as water management and transport to be rolled out.

Landowners have been met with to discuss the amendment and the community will get the chance to put forward their views. The amendment will also be independently reviewed.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 13 May 2020