Proposal for improved transport infrastructure in Portarlington

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Road sealing and kerb and channel construction works have been proposed by council along two streets in Portarlington, to improve road safety and address flooding and dust issues in the area.

Council last night gave notice of its intention to declare a Special Charge Scheme to partially fund the projects at 122 to 155 Tower Road and 110 to 128 Sproat Street. Thirty properties would be affected by this scheme.

The proposed works have been developed following feedback from Tower Road residents, who’ve raised safety and dust issues, and believe improved infrastructure would complement recent land development nearby. The opportunity to include kerb and channel construction in Sproat Street would complete the transport infrastructure to current urban standards, as requested by the community.

Residents and all road users would benefit from the proposed works, which aim to provide safer driving conditions, improved connectivity and drainage, reduced hazards from water over the road and flooding, and the elimination of dust in summer and mud in winter.

Council’s contribution would make up 77 per cent of the funding, at an estimated cost of $296,182.84, while property owners would contribute $86,659.15 in total.

The estimated total costs are:

  • $199,650 to seal Tower Road
  • $87,966 for kerb and channel construction on Tower Road and
  • $95,226 for kerb and channel works in Sproat Street.

Residents will have the opportunity for feedback through making a submission and being heard at a submissions review panel.

Council will encourage the use of recycled materials for the works.

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor 

Improving these roads is important to the Portarlington community. The projects will provide many benefits to residents and road users, including improved safety, less dust and better drainage.

Councillor Jim Mason

There has been growing community sentiment requesting these upgrades and councillors have taken these safety concerns seriously. The works will make driving through the area much safer and improve liveability for residents.

Owners will have the opportunity to have their say on the projects.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020