Municipal Early Years Plan 2013-2017

We are committed to the development of positive and healthy home and community environments that support the needs of young children and families.

We aim to provide all children living in the municipality with the best possible start in life.

Our Municipal Early Years Plan: A Place for Us sets out our ambitions and aspirations for improving the lives of local children and explains how we intend to achieve these goals.

The early stages of children's development and family formation are vitally important and, because of this, young children merit a high priority.

There is no doubt that strong cohesive communities which support and encourage healthy families, provide the best possible environments for children's early development and learning.

Research evidence tells us conclusively that effective support provided for children and families in the first five years of children's lives, and even beginning before birth, greatly improves their future outcomes and lays the foundations for health, development and learning.

Plan focus

The City of Greater Geelong's Municipal Early Years Plan: A Place for Us (MEYP) is about encouraging the development of community environments that are conducive for families with young children throughout Geelong.

The content of the plan complements a wide-range of relevant Federal, State and Local Government policies and priorities and has been structured around six key themes:

  1. Safeguarding the best interests of all young children
  2. Building community
  3. Services working together
  4. Celebrating diversity
  5. Promoting a healthy community
  6. Planning for now and the future

The plan focuses primarily on children aged from birth up to 8 years, along with the various family and community environments that influence children's lives.

The MEYP is designed to improve the co-ordination and integration of services and activities through strengthening networks and partnerships amongst agencies supporting families and children.

It promotes a common view, that issues affecting children's lives cannot be addressed in isolation from their family, community and broader social, economic, physical, and natural environments.

Specific strategies and recommendations contained within the plan, will enable service providers, planners and funding agencies to make informed decisions, maximise resources, and create new opportunities in response to identified local needs and priorities.

Provision of resources and access to quality services do make a difference and are vital to helping all children make the best possible start in life and building healthy family relationships and positive community connections.

Early intervention and prevention approaches are also important to help families with young children and communities address issues before they become more serious and deeply entrenched problems.

We look forward to working with other agencies and the wide range of community and interest groups, to strengthen and expand the support and early development opportunities available to our children, and to build community environments in which our children and families can thrive.

We are currently in the process of developing the next Municipal Early Years Plan for 2018-2021.

For further information contact:

Julie Brooks
Coordinator Family Services Development
Phone: 03 5272 5042

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Page last updated: Monday, 2 July 2018