Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Service

Our Enhanced Maternal and Child Health (EMCH) service provides additional Maternal and Child Health (MCH) support, usually in your home or at a mutually agreeable place.

Your EMCH Nurse or our Early Parenting Educator will visit you, at a time and date that suits both the family and staff. You will receive an SMS reminder prior to the given appointment.

This service is free and available to families who consent to referral.

The service is available Monday to Friday during business hours.

During your involvement in the EMCH program your nurse may feel that you would be best supported by transitioning to the Universal MCH service, attending your local MCH centre.

What you can expect from the EMCH service

The EMCH service is focussed on achieving improved outcomes for infants, children and their parents who are experiencing a period of increased need, and who could benefit from additional support.

Additional support can be provided by our Early Parenting Educator as needed. We aim to provide a service that is culturally sensitive and inclusive and strives to promote cultural connections within the community.

Information privacy

Information about parent and child health is recorded at each Maternal and Child Health appointment. If you would like to know how this information is stored and managed, you can contact [email protected] or view the Department of Health's privacy fact sheet.

In keeping with the Children Youth and Family Act 2005 if staff are contacted by Department of Families Fairness and Housing or Orange Door we are obligated to provide relevant information.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 7 November 2023