Landscape Standards Manual

This manual has been developed as a guide to specifying, installing and maintaining public open space landscaping within the City of Greater Geelong.

The manual sets out landscaping standards which meet the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority for new subdivisions within the City of Greater Geelong. The manual is to be used as a reference tool by Council representatives when assessing permit applications, by Consultants for consideration during the preparation of landscape plans for Council submission, and by Landscape Contractors, Site Superintendents and Council Representatives in the field for the purposes of landscape construction, inspections and maintenance. The manual is to be used to ensure that the quality and workmanship of works undertaken within the municipality are of a standard that is in accordance with accepted industry standards, and sound horticultural and conservation practices.

In addition to establishing standards, this manual provides Developers, Site Superintendents and their Contractors with the following useful information relating to the construction and maintenance of public open space reserves with the City of Greater Geelong:

  • Key council contacts
  • Practical Completion and Handover inspection procedures and checklists
  • Maintenance obligations

The assessment of works against this manual should be undertaken with a degree of flexibility, acknowledging that alternate approaches can be appropriate where they are considered to be to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority. All landscape works must be documented and endorsed by Council within the detailed landscape plans forming part of the approved planning permit. This may include the requirement for the following plans to be read and prepared in conjunction with the Landscape Plan;

  • Vegetation Management Plan
  • Tree Management Plan
  • Weed Management Plan
  • Native Vegetation Offset Management Plan
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plan
  • Irrigation Layout and Design
  • Construction Management Plan
  • Site Management Plan
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Litter Control Plan
  • Landscape Maintenance Plan

It is the developer’s responsibility to ensure all relevant authorities are notified and requirements are met. These standards do not waive any responsibilities or approvals required by other authorities.

The Landscape Standards Manual is continually reviewed and will be periodically updated to ensure it remains accurate and responsive to changes and improvements in landscaping and asset management practices.


1 CoGG The City of Greater Geelong
2 Contractor The company/person contracted to undertake the construction and maintenance of the entire works or part of the works, or their authorised representative.
3 Council Representative The Council Officer nominated by the City of Greater Geelong to provide comment and conduct inspections during Construction, Practical Completion, Maintenance and Handover of landscape works. For reserve landscaping this is generally the Recreation and Open Space Planning and Subdivisions Officer. For tree planting in reserves and streetscapes this is generally the Parks Planning Officer.
4 Handover The point following the satisfactory completion of the Maintenance Period at which ongoing maintenance responsibility for reserve assets, landscapes and tree plantings is handed over to Council. It is the responsibility of the Site Superintendent to arrange for a Handover Inspection following the conclusion of the Maintenance Period.
5 Maintenance Bond Bond to be submitted and held by Council for the duration of the Maintenance Period. The Bond should cover 125% of the cost of reserve inspections and maintenance and tree establishment and maintenance.
6 Maintenance Period The period (generally 24 months unless agreed otherwise) following Practical Completion, during which the Site Superintendent is responsible for maintaining all reserve assets, landscaping, and tree plantings in a condition satisfactory to the Responsible Authority.
7 Outstanding Works Bond Bond to be submitted for approval where works will not be completed prior to the issuing of a Statement of Compliance.
8 Practical Completion When the landscaping and tree planting has been completed in accordance with the Landscape Plan to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority. Practical Completion approval commences the Maintenance Period and is required prior to the return of any outstanding Works bonds held for landscape construction or tree planting.
9 Responsible Authority (RA) The City of Greater Geelong.
10 Site Super intendent The Permit Holder or their nominated representative responsible for the construction and maintenance of reserve assets, landscaping and tree planting.

Key Council contacts

Department Issues/Assets Position/Contact telephone
Open Space Planning General Reserve Landscaping
Garden beds
Reserve Practical Completion/Handover Inspections
Senior Open Space Planner
03 5272 4914
Environment and Natural Resources Unit Wetlands and Waterways
Remnant and Native Vegetation
Vegetation Offsets
Weed Management
Environmental Planning Team Leader
03 5272 4891
Tree Management Tree Species Selection
Tree Planting
Tree Protection/Removal
Street and Reserve Tree Inspections Parks
Parks Planning Officers
03 5272 4953
03 5272 5325
Parks and Support Services Irrigation Systems
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Acceptance Tests
Irrigation Officer
03 5272 4551
Arts and Culture Public Art Public Art Officer
03 5272 4704
Property and Facilities Structures
Co-ordinator Facilities Maintenance
03 5272 4982
Engineering Civil Works
Concrete Paths and Retaining Walls
Development Engineer
03 5272 4672
03 5272 4406


Page last updated: Monday, 30 August 2021