Construction works

Prior to the commencement of landscaping works, a pre-commencement meeting must be arranged on site by the Site Superintendent to meet with the Council representative. 

The Site Superintendent, as identified at this meeting, will then be responsible for all construction works, landscape establishment and maintenance of the site and will be the point of contact for Council Officers.

A construction schedule outlining the proposed timing of landscaping components and key milestones should be provided to the City of Geelong Representative at this meeting.

Please note: ten (10) working days notice must be given for site meetings unless otherwise agreed.

Construction hold-points

During construction of all landscaping, the Site Superintendent must attend the site and sign off on all construction Hold Points. Signed and dated documentation, including photo evidence for all Hold Point inspections must be provided to the Council Representative prior to Practical Completion.

Hold Point inspections must be undertaken and documented for the items and construction stages as detailed in Table 4: Inspection Hold Points shown opposite on page 29.

Table 4: Inspection Hold Points

Item Hold point
Site superintendent inspection required
Documentary and photo evidence required
Council representative inspection required
Preliminaries Pre-Commencement Meeting
Site preparation Litter and sediment control
Tree protection
Soil preparation
Topsoil and soil testing
Weed eradication
Garden bed construction  
Planting (trees, garden beds and wetlands) Stock selection
Site mark-out
Hard infrastructure (all concrete to be form d with steel in place) Retaining walls
Concrete paths/pavement areas
Playground drainage
Irrigation systems Layout

Inspection to be arranged with Council’s Engineering Subdivision Inspector.

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