Miscellaneous works

The Developer is required to present details for the regular up keep of public artworks including materials to be used (for cleaning, coating, painting etc) to maintain an excellent standard of presentation.

Structural certification by a qualified Structural Engineer and a copy of the Artist’s contract is also required for Council’s records.

Developers should also provide attribution plaques made from durable materials (bronze, stainless steel, weld etc) to be located on the base or near works of art to acknowledge the Artist. These will include the Artist’s name; title and date of the artwork; materials: and for significant commissions, a short statement about the artwork by the Artist (this should be discussed and submitted for approval of the Responsible Authority).

Furniture and hard assets

All hard landscape elements, including BBQ facilities, shade shelters, lighting, playground equipment, furniture, litter bins and paving must be installed in accordance with the endorsed Landscape Plan prior to Practical Completion Approval.

Copies of all relevant documentation, including (but not limited to) the following must be provided prior to Practical Completion Approval:

  • Building Permits

  • Certificates of Compliance

    • Structural

    • Electrical

    • Plumbing

  • As-Constructed/Structural drawings

Maintenance of barbecues

All surfaces (including pedestrian hardstand areas and grease receptacle) must be cleaned using methods that are hygienic and safe for facility users. Barbecues shall be cleaned and tested weekly on the day before every weekend and prior to public holidays. An allowance should be made for additional reactive cleaning on an as needs basis.

The developer must maintain the facility in a clean and safe working order for the duration of the maintenance period, arranging for rectification of breakdowns and vandal damage to be repaired within one (1) working day of the breakdown or damage being reported.


All shelter structures are to be fitted with lightning protection compliant with Australian/New Zealand Standard for Lightning Protection. AS/NZS 1768:2007.

All structures are to be maintained in a clean and safe condition for the duration of the maintenance period. All timber elements are to be oiled prior to Practical Completion and again prior to Handover.

Maintenance access gates

Maintenance access to Public Open Space is to be provided using the City of Greater Geelong’s standard swinging gates. Maintenance Access Gates must be installed adjacent to layback kerbs with concrete infill to footpath to allow vehicular access.

Refer to Civil Engineering Standard Drawings CGG 702 and CGG 703

Estate entrance features

Estate entrance features are discouraged however, if developed, must be located wholly within private property. Council will not be responsible for the maintenance of estate entrance features after handover.

Utility infrastructure

Utility service substations, kiosk sites and the like must not be located on any land identified as public open space or land to be used for any municipal purpose unless otherwise agreed by the responsible authority.

Where the siting of utility infrastructure has been approved on an endorsed landscape plan, all equipment pit-lids must be free from damage and finished flush with the surrounding reserve surface level.

Page last updated: Friday, 13 March 2020