Irrigation systems

All works, materials and components associated with the installation of the irrigation system shall conform to relevant Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, Regulations and the requirements of Council’s ‘Irrigation System Installation’ guidelines. 

A copy of these guidelines can be provided by contacting Council’s Irrigation Officer on 03 5272 4551.

Prior to commencing any installation works, the Contractor shall be responsible for verifying that the point of connection, flow rate, and static and dynamic pressures of the water supply meet the design criteria specified on the irrigation design.


The irrigation system shall be installed according to the irrigation system design specifications, and component manufacturer’s specifications. The Contractor shall arrange with a licensed surveyor for locations of the irrigation heads to be surveyed and marked on the ground surface to ensure correct spacing as given in the irrigation system design. Irrigation heads shall be installed to these surveyed marks.

Installation work shall be carried out by a Licensed Water Supply Plumber as defined in the current Water Supply Regulations and in accordance with this Specification and all relevant Australian Standards.

Where deviations from the design are required, the Contractor shall indicate on the irrigation system design the deviation, and consult with the irrigation system designer prior to making any change to ensure that the change is within the design performance specifications.

The contractor must be responsible for the testing and satisfactory performance of the complete irrigation system. Once installation of the irrigation system has been completed, a full set of ‘as-constructed’ drawings shall be supplied to the Council's Irrigation Officer.

Acceptance tests

When installation of the irrigation system is completed, an on site inspection shall be carried out by the Council’s Irrigation Officer to assess the standard of the works completed and that the irrigation system operates correctly.

An audit of the irrigation system shall also be carried out, or arranged, by the Contractor using an accepted procedure and suitably qualified person to verify that the system meets the design criteria. The results of the audit shall be supplied to the Council’s Irrigation Officer. Where the performance of the irrigation system is below the design criteria, the Contractor will be required to carry out any necessary works, including replacement of components, so that the irrigation system meets the design criteria.

Static tests

Prior to commissioning, ensure valve stations close satisfactorily. Pipe work and fittings to be pressure tested to the satisfaction of the Council's Irrigation Officer to ensure there are no water leaks in the system prior to control valve installation.

Commissioning procedure

Upon completion of the above static tests in the presence of the Council's Irrigation Officer, the system is to be commissioned in accordance with the following procedure:

  • Open each valve to test irrigation system operation. During this procedure, only one valve station is to be open at any one time.

  • Test the system by continuous operation for a minimum of three (3) minutes for each valve.

Maintenance and warranty

The Contractor will be required to maintain the completed irrigation system in good order and operating condition for the duration of the specified maintenance period from the date of practical completion. During which period any defective part or any breakage which in the opinion of the Council's Irrigation Officer was obviously not due to fair wear and tear or accidental damage beyond the Contractor’s control, shall be replaced and/or made good.

The Contractor shall submit documentation that specifies the period of the manufacturer’s warranty for all materials provided within the irrigation system including controller, irrigation heads, tank, pump, etc. To guarantee manufacturers warranties, it is imperative that all components are installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Where installation of components fails to meet the specifications, the Contractor shall be responsible for all costs and works associated in bringing the installation of components to specification.

The Contractor shall ensure that the Supplier agrees to be directly responsible for all components that are provided as part of the irrigation system and, shall state for what period, after the expiration of the above mentioned maintenance period that the Supplier would be prepared to guarantee the equipment supplied under this Contract against faults in materials and workmanship. During which period they would undertake to replace or make good, free of charge, any defective portion of such equipment, which was obviously not due to accidental breakage or fair wear and tear.


The contractor shall keep a record of all maintenance works performed during the maintenance period, including receipts for all works and/or components supplied. A copy of these documents, along with all component literature, system instruction manual and as-built drawings must be provided to the Council Representative at handover.

Page last updated: Friday, 13 March 2020